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The Confederacy Senate is the governing body of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Senate is where laws and changes are made for the betterment of the Confederacy. Consisting of the leaders and Second in Commands of each Nationalized faction, the Grand Admiral of the Confederate Fleet, as well as the Basileus and Regent of the Confederacy itself.

The Senate Chamber is located in Thesme. This is where the all of the important decisions are made for the good of the group.

Senate Operations

The Confederate Senate operates on the principle of two representatives from each nationalized faction, a Head of the Senate and the Basileus. Anyone of the members in the Confederate Senate can propose a Resolution. Once all members, and the Head of the Senate votes, the Basileus will give the final vote and either sign the Resolution into law, or deny the Resolution.

Senators are not elected. If a nationalized faction changes their second-in-charge or their leader, the new leader or second-in-charge will become the new Senator from the nationalized faction. Additionally, the individual that is selected to become the Grand Admiral of the Confederate Fleet, automatically has a seat on the Senate.

Voting Process

Phase I

During Phase I, the Resolution is introduced into the Senate. During this time each Senator may make propose changes to the Resolution. In order for the proposed Resolution to be moved to Phase II, it takes a Senator to propose it and another Senator to second the proposal. Once this happens, the Resolution will be classified in Phase II.

Phase II

During Phase II, the Resolution has been called into a vote. The goal for a Resolution to be in Phase II will be 72-hours. It may be extended an additional 72-hours if not all Senators have placed their vote. If not all Senators have placed their vote within the extended 72-hour period, their vote will be placed as Abstain. Once all Senators have placed their vote the Resolution may move to Phase III.

Phase III

During Phase III the Resolution will be sent to the desk of the Baselius. At this point the Baseilus has 72-hours to approve or deny the Resolution thus signing it in as a Official Confederate Document. In the event the Baseilius is not able to sign within the 72-hours, it will then fall on the Regent to approve or deny the Resolution. Contingency plan in the event that neither are able to approve or deny the Resolution within their respect 72-hour time frames, the Resolution will remain stagnant for up to 15 days. Once the 15 day mark has been reached, the President of the Senate may approve or deny the Resolution, only if the majority of the Senate were in favor of the Resolution.

Phase IV

The Resolution has been either approved or denied. No further changes may be made to the Resolution. If changes are needed, a new Resolution will be introduced and started in Phase I.

Current Senators

Senator Faction Position
Horley Cyan Confederacy of Independent Systems Baselius - Leader
Taldar Logas Confederacy of Independent Systems Regant - Second-in-Command
Lucian Vax Phoenix Corporation President of the Senate - Leader
Skyre Anasazi Confederacy of Independent Systems Confederate Senator - Grand Admiral of the Confederate Fleet
Wan Daemon Phoenix Corporation Phoenix Corp. Senator - Second-in-Command
Kellen Deming Amitus Engineering Amitus Senator - Leader
Marcinius Turelles Amitus Engineering Amitus Senator - Second-in-Command