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Based out of The Thesme Sector, Phoenix Corporation or Phoenix Corp. is the premier recycling company of The Confederacy of Independent Systems. Founded in Year 19 by Lucian Vax, Taldar Logas, and Horley Cyan of the former Schism Collective, Phoenix Corp. is the recycling provider for all of the sector's salvaging and recycling needs.

The Phoenix Corporation was created when the need arose to clean up sections of the Thesme Sector from wrecks created by the destruction of bandits raiding Schism Collective cargo transports. These wrecks cluttered Collective space and posed a hazard for further transport operations. The ability for bandits to ambush from behind these wrecks as well as set improvised explosives were too much of a risk for Sector leadership to take. Seeing that a salvage company was needed to ensure safe and debri free transport routes, The Phoenix Corporation was born.

The Phoenix Corporation provides many services to the Thesme Sector as well as the galaxy at large. Services, like the recycling of equipment, vehicles, ships, and even stations if necessary are available. The Phoenix Corporation not only salvages and recycles, but at times provides construction assistance to the Schism Collective. The Phoenix Corporation also provides a star-fighter division which produces the various fighter class Uglies. These fighters are the backbone of the defense force wreaking havoc on the bandits within the transport routes.

The Phoenix Corporation is always seeking team members who wish to have a very rewarding career. The Phoenix Corporation offers competitive salaries, employee benefits, as well as activity bonuses and force training. Contact Lucian Vax if you are interested in joining Phoenix Corporation.