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It is Year 20 Day 15 today and the weather is sunny on Thesme.
Once upon a time the Confederacy of Independent Systems was a great collective that included dozens of systems, hundreds of planets and multiple organizations that stretched across the galaxy. In the days of old, the leadership of the Confederacy was out to bring different leaders with different backgrounds together to build upon each other's strengths and shore up each other's weaknesses. This model brought great prosperity to the Confederacy, organizations that joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems flourished and grew beyond their own expectations. Some organizations that were on the brink of disaster merged with other like minded individuals to bolster their own ranks and survived well beyond their imaginations. Unfortunately most of the Confederacy of Independent Systems' leaders were swayed by quick talking beings with their own hidden agendas, those who chose to follow this new 'leadership' made their way across the galaxy to the Hevvrol Sector where it appeared that growth would continue. Those who refused to listen stayed behind and joined other groups in hopes that someday they could re-emerge. Hidden from public for years, the inevitable happened and the Confederacy of Independent Systems leadership were not only attacked but destroyed by those who had pledged to follow them. Loyalties were betrayed, ties were ripped apart and torn into shreds, few were able to survive long enough to send word through secret channels that were long ago setup for such an eventuality. The Confederacy of Independent Systems leadership of old re-emerged from their hideaways to retake the banner of old and make the Confederacy great once again in memory of those that were lost, and in hopes that many of them would return.... someday.

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This is the home of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, a faction in the online game Star Wars Combine

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This Wiki (commonly known as the Infobase) serves as CIS's Official Repository for the Confederacy of Independent Systems. We apologize for any lack of information as this Infobase will always be a work in progress. Our Canon is not just available to all members of CIS, it is open to advancement to all members Star Wars Combine as well. If you have something to add to the Canon, please contact a member of CIS.

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