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This article is official CIS Official Policy.


To better govern the Confederacy of Independent Systems, we hereby ratify this document as the official Constitution of the Confederacy. The Hall of Senators provides a voice for the people to create a strong, centralized government necessary to manage the beings of the Confederacy. We hereby declare a Confederation.


Section 1


Section 2


Section 3

Section 3.1 Hall of Senators

The Hall of Senators is the governing body of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Hall of Senators shall have the following structure. The Senate is made up of the heads of each of the Nationalized Factions. The Confederate Senators are not appointed but are determined by who holds the title Leader and Second-in-Command of the Nationalized Factions. Whoever shall hold the position of Grand Admiral of the Confederate Fleet will automatically be appointed as a Senator in the Hall of Senators.

Section 3.2 Resolutions

Resolutions are the laws of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. These Official Confederate Documents act as guiding principles to assist in the governing the Confederacy.

Section 3.3 Voting Procedure

Section 3.3.1 Resolution Phase I

During Phase I, the Resolution is introduced into the Senate. During this time each Senator may make propose changes to the Resolution. In order for the proposed Resolution to be moved to Phase II, it takes a Senator to propose it and another Senator to second the proposal. Once this happens, the Resolution will be classified in Phase II.

Section 3.3.2 Resolution Phase II

During Phase II, the Resolution has been called into a vote. The goal for a Resolution to be in Phase II will be 72-hours. It may be extended an additional 72-hours if not all Senators have placed their vote. If not all Senators have placed their vote within the extended 72-hour period, their vote will be placed as Abstain. Once all Senators have placed their vote the Resolution may move to Phase III.

Section 3.3.3 Resolution Phase III

During Phase III the Resolution will be sent to the desk of the Baselius. At this point the Baseilus has 72-hours to approve or deny the Resolution thus signing it in as a Official Confederate Document. In the event the Baseilius is not able to sign within the 72-hours, it will then fall on the Regent to approve or deny the Resolution. Contingency plan in the event that neither are able to approve or deny the Resolution within their respect 72-hour time frames, the Resolution will remain stagnant for up to 15 days. Once the 15 day mark has been reached, the President of the Senate may approve or deny the Resolution, only if the majority of the Senate were in favor of the Resolution.

Section 3.3.4 Resolution Phase IV

The Resolution has been either approved or denied. No further changes may be made to the Resolution. If changes are needed, a new Resolution will be introduced and started in Phase I.


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